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What is Celsius?

Full Name: Celsius

Category: Temperature

Symbol: °C

Scale Factor: 0

Definition: The degree Celsius (symbol °C) is the thermometric unit whose caloric intensity corresponds to one hundredth of between the melting point of the water and its boiling point on the scale which sets the value of zero degrees to the melting point and of one hundred to the boiling point.

The degree Celsius belongs to the International System of Units, as an accessory unit, unlike the kelvin, which is the basic unit of temperature in such a system.

Anders Celsius defined the scale in 1742, considering boiling and freezing water temperatures, originally assigning values of 0°C and 100°C respectively (so that warmer results in a lower temperature); It was Jean-Pierre Christin (1743) and Carlos Linneo (1745) whom inverted both points on a later date. The proposed method, like that used in 1724 for the degree Fahrenheit and degree Rømer, 1701, had the advantage of being based on physical properties materials. William Thomson (later Lord Kelvin) in 1848 defined the absolute temperature scale in terms of degree Celsius.

The Celsius scale is used to express everyday temperatures from air temperature to that of countless home devices (ovens, fryers, hot water, cooling, etc..). It is also used in scientific and technological work, although in many cases it is required to use the Kelvin scale.


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